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Honoring your path to wellness with exceptional healing practitioners, teachers and unique metaphysical gifts


Welcome to Gateway Cottage Wellness Center in Sedona, where we honor your path to wellness by offering you exceptional healing practitioners and teachers with years of experience. Our practitioners have been personally vetted and handpicked by the owners and management to bring you the highest-caliber healing arts available, including the following services:*

Helping You Discover & Achieve Complete Wellness

Through your work with our practitioners, spirit and your higher self, it is our vision that you discover and achieve complete wellness. We encourage you to honor your healing process, empower your intuitive knowledge and free yourself from limiting beliefs. At Gateway Cottage we believe in the power of healing energy combined with your openness to integrating wellness in every aspect of your life, to create inspired miracles.

Step into our world and let us share with you alternative therapies: whether it’s a past life healing to remove blocks in your life, hypnotherapy to help with weight loss or to stop smoking, a relaxing/healing massage or reflexology, crystal or drumming Reiki session for emotional freedom, or a numerology session to map out your coming year, we are here for you. Please allow our staff to help you create the wellness menu that is best for you.  Check our events calendar for workshops, seminars and ceremonies led by local spiritual teachers as well as Master teachers and Shamans from around the world.

Enjoy a Serene & Safe Haven at Gateway Cottage

Here at Gateway Cottage you will discover a serene and safe haven to explore and step into your wellness. Our Sedona red rock building has been completely renovated with up-to-date modern facilities, fully ADA compliant, while maintaining the integrity of the building’s historical status.

The ambiance of Gateway Cottage’s retail shop is an inviting blend of unique historical characteristics and modern-rustic design elements. The retail shop, treatment rooms, classroom, and meditation garden are soothing and inviting. Our beautiful and spacious retail shop features: Exquisite hand crafted jewelry, the finest minerals and crystals, books, CD’s, and metaphysical gifts to aid your wellness or simply to gift others in your life.

Enjoy the tranquility of our meditation garden while listening to the soothing waterfall and bird song. Listen for the distinct whooshing sound of the Raven’s wings or the whirring of a hummingbird while gazing at the famous red rocks of Sedona.

We are unique in our commitment to your total wellness with exceptional practitioners who support your well being through integration of mind-body-spirit.  May we lead you now to that place within that has never been harmed, where perfect wholeness resides, that indomitable spirit that is uniquely you.

We aspire to be Your Gateway to Wellness!

*Note: All services are not available every day, please consult with our staff for the best possible practitioner to help you today. Many of our practitioners are available within a matter of minutes so please ask.


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