sacred-land-tours-productSedona has been a beacon for spiritual seekers for centuries, beginning with the Native Americans who traveled here to perform sacred ceremonies and continuing today by attracting some of the most talented metaphysical healers in the country, including our own BakeR Gendron, The Psychic Coach and a Shamanic Reiki Master/Teacher. Thanks to Sedona’s amplified healing energy, many find it’s easier connect with themselves and Spirit in Sedona.

Let BakeR customize a sacred land tour to your interest and physical abilities.  Your tour may include some or all of these: a visit to one of Sedona’s sacred sites, an introduction to how native spirits guide us in our spiritual growth, a guided meditation, a psychic reading and/or sacred ceremony out on the land.

Sacred Land Tours are for a minimum of two hours. The fee is $266.00 for one person, and an additional $30.00 per person for two hours.  In order to create the intimate and sacred experience that BakeR prefers groups are limited to 4-6 people.

Our Sacred Land Tour Guide

BakeR Gendron –The Psychic Coach and a Shamanic Reiki Master/Teacher


 If you can’t find a time that suits you,
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