Shamanic Reiki integrates shamanic practices with the potent healing energy of Reiki.

Shamanic practices are ancient techniques used to align you with earth’s energy, your higher spirit, spirit guides and animal totems for transformative healing work. Shamanic reiki practitioners can see, feel or hear blocks or negative energy which may limit you from living a full healthy life. The practitioner then uses techniques that can drive out or gently remove these blocks. They may use drumming, crystals, their breath, or they may call on spirit guides to help them. The practitioner will then fill the empty space with healing energy, such as light, color or sound.Reiki-Drumming_43304555

Reiki is a practice of channeling energy, laying on hands or simply working in your aura or energy field to facilitate healing.

When we put these two practices together we amplify the healing power of each, allowing deeper healing at all levels of mind, body and spirit.

Shamanic reiki facilitates powerful healing in these ways:

  • Achieve a greater sense of connection and support from your higher self and guides
  • Feel healthy and energized mind, body and spirit
  • Free yourself from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems resulting from past lives or this life
  • Feel confident and courageous
  • Learn to use and trust your own intuition
  • Connect with the Earth’s healing spirit to amplify your healing energy
  • Uproot and release fear and anxiety – live joyously
  • Heal the root cause of your health symptoms
  • Open to becoming the powerful person you know yourself to be.

You can now experience Shamanic Reiki in a safe, supportive environment at one of Sedona’s superior wellness centers. Our master healers work with you at your comfort level, providing all the tools needed to achieve your optimal wellness potential.

Book your appointment now to take advantage of all that Shamanic Reiki offers.

Our Reiki Practitioners

BakeR Gendron – Crystal, Drumming and Shamanic Reiki

Mary-Kate Lee– Reiki, Crystal Reiki

Dawn Kirsch– Reiki, Shamanic Reiki



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