Evidential Medium

An Evidential Medium is gifted with the ability to interpret messages from souls who have passed. Since everything is made up of energy, beings no longer in the physical are able to use their energy to communicate with a medium. The medium interprets the higher energetic vibrations of the souls into words, pictures and messages; a sort of vibration mail or VMail!

A trained Evidential Medium passes along details from loved ones that the medium would have no earthly way of knowing. Most sessions bring 3-5 pieces of evidence supporting the soul’s continuing existence. These may include physical descriptions, preferred dress, habits, professional work, how they passed, gestures, favorite hobbies, habits or quirks, secrets, character, education, favorite possessions etc. Some sessions include an important message specifically for the sitter of hope or advice.

In one reading, Cynthia told a grieving mother that her son was in a beautiful red 1930’s style pick-up truck and was waving to her. His message was “I’m moving on, Mom, and so should you”.

The next day, the mother brought in a picture of him in his red 1930’s pick-up truck. Cynthia had no way of knowing he owned this vehicle, other than interpreting the message from a different vibrational reality.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, connecting with an ethical evidential medium may ease your pain and give you hope!

Cynthia Beck MH, is an experienced Master Hypnotist and trained Evidential Medium. She regularly studies with her mentor, the nationally known medium Suzanne Giesemann. As a life- long learner, Cynthia has also studied with the Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer and many other high-caliber healers. Cynthia’s sessions are insightful, professional and kind.

Readings are $222 and usually take 60-90 minutes.


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