Medical-IntuitiveMedical Intuitive Readings

A Medical Intuitive Reading provides clear and detailed readings on physical, dietary, mental and emotional issues. The goal is discover the root cause and offer detailed solutions for deep and long-term healing.

Benefits of a Medical Intuitive Reading:

  • Determine the root cause of your physical, mental or emotional issue.
  • Identify blocks and any interference to your healing journey.
  • Release resistance to getting well.
  • Gently allow your emotions to surface and release.
  • Uncover unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs that have hindered your path to wellness.
  • Identify natural healing methods that are ideal for your unique personality, history, and issue.
  • Feel a greater sense of peace and hope as you gain a much deeper understanding of yourself.

Every cell in your body has its own unique intelligence waiting to express itself and be heard.  Once it is given a voice to communicate its needs on all levels, then it will naturally return to health. Wanda uses a non-invasive technique to see, feel and hear your cells on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. With your permission, she sinks her Soul’s hands inside your physical body and energy anatomy to perceive the functions of your physical body and its energy anatomy with her high sense perception. Then Wanda will give you a description of what she sees, welcoming your questions and open dialog. A medical intuitive reading may take one to two hours depending on the extensiveness of your body’s requiremants and are available in office at GCWC, or by Skype and phone. (The purpose of these readings is educational and not meant to treat or diagnose.)

Wanda-Zum-Mallen-Medical-IntuitiveOur Medical Intuitive Reader

Rev. Wanda Zum-Mallen is an experienced and highly accurate medical intuitive and healer. She has in-depth experience in physical/energy anatomy readings, soul reunion, emotional core wound healing, past/future life regression, diet & nutritional counseling since 1990.

Wanda is available by appointment; she offers sessions in person, by phone or Skype. Please call us at 928.862.4400 to schedule your session. Same day appointments often available. 


  • One Hour- $160
  • Ninety Minutes- $240
  • Two Hours- $320

Visit the Medical Intuitive Readings page for description, benefits, and other details.

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