Chakra & Aura Intuitive Scan

Your body is alive with a multi-colored energy that flows in each chakra and throughout your auric field. When I scan your vibrant energy anatomy, I watch these magnificent colors stream into the vortexes of your chakras giving you a full description of their shape, size and which ones are receiving energy or blocked. Then I move into the layers of your auric field which correspond with your chakras and describe how the colors inter-relate with your physical body and affect your health, emotions, thoughts and spirituality. This scan takes about an hour and are available at in office at GCWC, or by skype or phone.

Wanda is available 7 days a week from 11-6; she offers sessions in person, by phone or Skype.

Call 928.325.3798 to schedule your session or email us.


  • One Hour- $160
  • Ninety Minutes- $240
  • Two Hours- $320


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