Let us be your Gateway,  transforming your past, current and future lives. We offer several ways to explore and heal your life through Past Life Healing. Our gifted spiritual intuitives each have their own unique approach:

Past Life Regression with Cynthia Beck, MH

Experience a past life for healing or tap Into  gifts & talents from past lives

Past Life Regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly for the purpose of growth and healing. With the compassionate guidance of our hypnotherapist and energy healer, Cynthia Beck, MH, you’ll explore and heal past life issues that may be impacting your current life. It’s also an opportunity to tap into strengths, talents and gifts you had in prior lives and energetically bring them forward into your current life. During this process, you’ll also receive guidance and insight from your past self and/or your spiritual guides. The past life that you “visit” is typically directly related to a current issue, challenge or question that you’re experiencing in this lifetime.

  • Understand personal relationships in a new light
  • Awaken talents and abilities from the past
  • Release fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas
  • Release past life traumas at the root cause
  • Understand and align with your soul’s purpose

The overall experience is very cathartic and most experience an important shift in their personal life. Sessions are 60 -90 minutes = $222.

Call (928) 325-1648 to Schedule a Past Life Regression with Cynthia

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Wanda-Zum-Mallen-Medical-IntuitivePast & Future Life Therapy with Rev. Wanda Zum-Mallen

Gain a deeper understanding of your Soul’s journey

Reverand Wanda Zum-Mallen guides you in exploring your soul’s time beam, which comes from the past and moves into your future through Past & Future Life Therapy. By taking you into your past or future, you remember the experiences that you have had before and may experience being transported into your future. According to Einstein, you are able to remember your past and future simultaneously when using more than ten percent of your brain. Now physicists are reporting this future information is in your junk DNA. When your journey is complete, you return from the past or future with a deeper understanding of your Soul’s journey. Usually these sessions last about an hour to ninety minutes and are available in office at GCWC, or by skype or phone. 60 Minutes = $160 | 90 Minutes = $240 | 120 Minutes = $320

Call (928) 325-1648 to Schedule a Past & Future Life Session with Wanda

or Email us

Baker-Gendron-Psychic-Coach-200x300Past Life Healing with BakeR Gendron

Quickly clear and heal a known Issue

A Past Life Healing with BakeR Gendron is an effective and powerful tool to clear any blocks or issues you are having in  this lifetime as a result of traumas in a past life. BakeR does a reading with you to find any past life issues then takes you through a Past Life Healing meditation session to clear the issues. Past life trauma creates a cellular memory that is stored in your body; together you will clear that memory and create a new story. Recreating that life experience to cleanse and heal the suffering. Examples of trauma that can be cleared in your Past Life Healing session range from torture and brutal death to family issues. BakeR also provides a generic Past Life Healing meditation on her website that can be used in the future for further healing. Most healing sessions can be completed in 30-minutes. 30 Minutes = $88 | 45-Minutes = $111.  Your session is recorded and emailed to you.

Call (928) 325-1648 to Schedule a Past Life Healing with BakeR

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