Enjoy the Deep Release of Massage Therapy with Massage Cupping and Gua Sha

Cupping and Gua Sha work in tandem at a deep level to release stagnant blood and chi.

Cupping is a dermal vacuum technique. The primary purpose of cupping is to draw up congestion and stagnation from deeper areas within the body to release locked tension and energy. The process of cupping allows chi energy to move freely through the meridians, alleviating pain. It also helps to release stagnant blood thus creating healthier circulation.

Gua Sha is a dermal friction technique. Gua Sha uses a smooth-edged object to gently scrape along the surface of the skin in areas where tension, scar tissue, adhesions or other types of congestion exist in order to remove blocks to the circulatory flow in the area. Contrary to cupping, which creates “reverse-pressure” by suction, Gua Sha clears stagnation and assists chi flow from the top down. This method applies pressure from the surface of the skin to affect deeper layers.

Both Cupping and Gua Sha dramatically increase the circulation within the tissue and are wonderful ways of treating stagnant blood and chi, chronic pain, muscle tightness and spasms, in order to move toxins through the system to be eliminated to decrease inflammation.

*A portion of the information contained here was obtained from the Heart Spring Health Blog/Newsletter.

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