Heal, Align & Expand with Channeled Sound Healing and Shamanic Sound Healing

In Channeled Sound Healing, the power of harmonic overtone singing and other vocal techniques is utilized to raise the frequency of your energy field, leading to a sense of deep peace, well-being and expansion. With voice, heart and hands, Diane acts as a bridge to the higher dimensions, bringing through the healing frequencies your body and soul request, calling you back into alignment with your true nature. Look forward to an amazing journey of consciousness!

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Shamanic Sound Healing:

Shamanic Sound Healing is a tonal vibrational bathing of your being which enables a clearer state of mind, detoxifies the lymphatic system and creates a deep state of relaxation. The Sound Healing Ceremony using drums and rattles initiates a person into a visionary state which allows guidance from Spirit to bring you into a receptive and harmonious state.

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