Experience the Deep Healing of Your Body’s Intelligence

The upbringing of our society has cut us off from the intelligence and natural healing power within our bodies. Simply moving into the body brings us in touch with our truth – the truth of our feelings, and when acknowledged and released, the truth of our soul and its’ beauty.

In this session you receive a relaxing massage, and a loving exploration of what the body is saying to you through its’ tensions. We end with a deeply relaxing cranio-sacral stillness hold, letting you rest and integrate the new into your body, mind and heart.

Maneesha McClure

Maneesha is our Body Intelligence Therapy practitioner. She has over 30 years of experience as a dance therapist, 18 years in therapeutic bodywork, and has a unique blend of training and experience. Her work through dance with the body and energy transformation brings a new dimension of healing to her readings, bodywork and inner work sessions.

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