Past Life Regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly for the purpose of growth and healing. While in a light trance, you experience a past life by exploring three significant events during that lifetime. In addition you’ll participate in a life review of that lifetime and receive guidance and insight from your past self and/or your spiritual guides. The past life that you “visit” is typically directly related to a current issue, challenge or question that you’re experiencing in this lifetime. The overall experience is very cathartic and most experience an important shift in their current day life. Sessions run from an hour to an hour and half. The fee is $222 per session. A 50% deposit of $111 is required to book your session.

Booking a session less than 24 hours in advance? Please call us at (928) 862-4400 and we will be more than happy to book your session for you. We look forward to assisting you on your way to wellness.

Visit the Past Life Regression page for description, benefits, and other details. Questions: call Gateway Cottage Wellness Center at 928.862.4400.


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