Wanda-Zum-Mallen-Medical-IntuitiveYour Soul’s time beam comes from the past and moves into your future. By taking you into your past or future, you remember the experiences that you have had before and may experience being transported into your future. According to Einstein, you are able to remember your past and future simultaneously when using more than ten percent of your brain. Now physicists are reporting this future information is in your junk DNA. When your journey is complete, you return from the past or future with a deeper understanding of your Soul’s journey. Usually these sessions last about an hour to ninety minutes and are available at in office at GCWC, or by skype or phone.

Wanda is available 7 days a week from 11-6; she offers sessions in person, by phone or Skype. Please call us at 928.862.4400 to schedule your session. Same day appointments available.


  • One Hour- $160
  • Ninety Minutes- $240
  • Two Hours- $320

Past & Future Life Therapy is offered by Reverend Wanda Zum-Mallen.


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