Cynthia Beck, MH

“Wellness Specialist Cynthia Beck blew my socks off during our session. She absolutely changed my life in a very positive way! She was kind, warm, caring, and ‘spot-on’ about everything we talked about! I can’t stop thinking about the whole wonderful experience. And I look forward to coming back to Gateway Cottage many more times in the future!” D.S. Peoria, AZ

Cynthia is a gifted communicator who helps clients make wanted changes in a safe and healing environment.

Gifted Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and trained Evidential Medium. She is a Coach and Advisor, Eternal Optimist who shifts perceptions, Happy Person, Sailor, Rider, Speaker, Dog Lover.

Cynthia has been a Certified Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapist for more than 15 years. A gifted communicator, she helps clients make wanted changes in a safe and healing atmosphere. She uses integrated hypnotherapy techniques such as guided imagery, progressive relaxation and positive suggestions to help clients reach emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Above all, she teaches clients techniques they can use for a lifetime, so they do not become therapist dependent.

Cynthia is a graduate of the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute in Nederland, Colorado where she studied with renowned Master Hypnotherapist, Yukio Hasegawa. She also studied with Marcia Wieder, CEO of Dream University and coach to Jack Canfield, to acquire her Dream Coach Certification. She is uniquely qualified to assist individuals in identifying their purpose, remove road blocks and achieve their dreams. She holds a Doctorate of Divinity from the Universal Life Church giving her the full confidentiality of the confessional. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Communications.

In addition, Cynthia has passionately studied a wide variety of psychological and spiritual modalities including spiritual direction, transcendental meditation, walking meditation, Christian mysticism, Buddhist meditation, Hindu traditions, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming energy healing and brain science. She also has extensive experience helping people with 12 step programs.

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What Are The Benefits of Hypnosis:

• Quit Smoking                          • Reduce Medication

• Improve Memory                    • Gain Personal Power

• Enhance Relationships          • Find Deeper Meaning

• Eliminate Fears                      • Reduce Anxiety

• Manage Anger                        • Improve Sports Performance

• Lose Weight                            • Reduce Stress

• Sleep Better                            • Improve Health

• Modify Behavior                     • Meditation

• Enhance Self-Esteem            • Spiritual Connection

What is Hypnosis Therapy?

Hypnosis is Science! We used to think hypnosis accessed negative beliefs deep in the unconscious mind and changed them. New technologies in brain imaging clearly show what’s happening in the brain during “hypnotic trance.” It’s all very scientific.

When the body’s autonomic nervous system goes into survival mode, fight or flight, epinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol are released into the blood stream, moving blood into the large muscles so you can either fight or run.

In the brain, blood moves out of the pre-frontal cortex; the part of the brain that does complex thought processes and into the amygdala, the emotional center, and the brain stem–reflex. There is no time to think, so the body makes sure it can’t because there’s no blood in the cognitive centers. The body just reacts.

But the body does not know the difference between real and imagined. When it sees a scary movie, or has a scary thought, the fight or flight system kicks in anyway, even though there is no immediate threat. Worry and stress make it impossible to think or calm down.

Hypnosis, or structured meditation, puts your body in a relaxed, alert state on purpose. It provides the brain with enough blood to experience calm and imagine positive changes. Blood flow enhances neurotransmitters in the cognitive centers, improving mood, reducing stress and creating behavioral change.

There is no proof that an unconscious mind actually exists. Hypnosis is not magic, it’s brain science.

See a testimonial about Cynthia’s hypnotherapy here

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Explore specific types of hypnosis:

Past Life Regressions

Are they real, or is it just your subconscious creating images?

While there is ample anecdotal evidence of past lives, it doesn’t really matter. A journey to a past experience can release you from emotional pain, help heal physical limitations and make sense of current relationships.

Past life journeys help you leave nagging problems in the past and bring your best qualities into the present. They are interesting, profound and transformative.

Everyone has some kind of experience regardless of their belief systems. Plan for at least a two hour session.

Intuitive Readings with Chakra Map & Balancing

Cynthia is a skilled energetic intuitive with a unique process to help you remove emotional blocks and clear your energy so your body mind and spirit are all working optimally.

Cynthia draws intuitive images of your current energetic system illustrating blocks to energy flow and what is causing them. Then she suggests a solution to help you remove blocked energy.

A chakra session concludes with a guided mediation designed for your specific energetic needs. You can tape this session for your use in private.

Guided Imagery Reiki

Photo courtesy of ABMP

Cynthia is a Reiki Master and Master Hypnotist, she combines the best of energy healing, crystal healing and metaphorical hypnosis.

Reiki provides physical relaxation and energetic healing, clearing and cleansing of the body’s energy centers to provide optimum energetic flow. It is not massage, yet it completely relaxes the body. Using your own intuition, and working with imagery, Reiki removes blocks, clears negative beliefs and protects your energy.

Using her background in hypnosis she verbally relaxes you as she performs the energy healing. You participate in your own healing by visualizing and describing any blocks that she intuitively senses. You’ll learn about your chakras and any metaphors that the imagery is telling you. Cynthia incorporates crystals to drain and energize places of blockages or leaks. She uses a pendulum to indicate any areas of decreased or blocked energy flow. You will then be guided through a chakra meditation, enabling you to clear and align your chakras on your own!

Evidential Medium

An Evidential Medium is gifted with the ability to interpret messages from souls who have passed. Since everything is made up of energy, beings no longer in the physical are able to use their energy to communicate with a medium. The medium interprets the higher energetic vibrations of the souls into words, pictures and messages; a sort of vibration mail or VMail!

Learn more about Cynthia’s Medium Sessions


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Praise for Cynthia:

After just one session, I was able to stick to my diet without all of the previous problems that I was plagued with. Several months later, I am down to my weight of two years ago. My new diet is part of my life now, and I never feel deprived. I wish I had met Cynthia much earlier.” — T. S.

Cynthia is so much more than a hypnotherapist. She’s a spiritual teacher, healer, and friend. I learned about the subconscious messages I was sending myself that I was never aware of before.”  — M. M.

This was such a great experience! I went in fairly troubled about something that had happened recently, and the first session we worked on that specifically. Cynthia spends a lot of time getting you to evaluate how you think about things, and how you can put a positive spin on what you might perceive as a negative situation. She gave me tools to use the following week, and it really helped me stop over-thinking. It’s kind of amazing how much a thought can weigh you down!” — A. B.

“Wow…. all I have to say is “Wow”! Cynthia did it, and I am in shock! Not that I doubted her, I was just unsure how it would work. I’ll admit, I was thinking about smoking after our session, but I walked to my car packed up all my cigarettes, lighters and empty packs, and I threw them all away! Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you! I will definitely tell my smoker friends. I’m a believer, and I cant’ wait to do more!”  — A. K.

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