Personal-Retreats-in-SedonaPlease allow us to create a custom personal retreat for you here at our exquisite center featuring serene treatment rooms, a lovely retail shop, a spacious classroom and peaceful meditation gardens.

We specialize in designing unique one-of-a-kind experiences to help you rejuvenate, relax, explore, expand, transform and reconnect with your heart & soul. What would make this the best retreat experience you’ve ever had? Would it be:

  • Working with Sedona’s exceptional healers and wellness practitioners?
  • Gaining greater insight & understanding on the issues and challenges you’re facing?
  • Exploring and expanding your intuitive gifts?
  • Lots of ah-ha and break-through moments?
  • Enthusiastic support in helping you map your next steps for health, wellness and success?
  • Plenty of pampering and down time to relax, explore, and rejuvenate?

Give us your wish list and we’ll do all the planning and preparation to ensure your retreat is the best retreat experience you’ve ever had!

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What Makes Sedona a Special Place for Healing?

sedona cathedral rock

Many feel the first initial tug to Sedona because of its beautiful red rock landscape. Once here, Sedona’s unique energy is palatable to most. The natural causes of Sedona’s energy are reported to be its vortexes (concentrated energy centers) and the large geometric crystals beneath its land.

In addition to the natural causes, Sedona carries a historical legacy as a place used by native people who came here for spiritual quests, sacred ceremonies and to meditate and perform rituals. On top of this, hundreds of metaphysical practitioners and healers have been drawn to Sedona over the years to enjoy a greater connection to spirit and to offer their healing services.

Over time, these collective intentions to heal and connect to spirit have deeply embedded a healing and spiritual energy signature into the land.

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